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  13 months ago

#TolunaNews | Documents confirm the existence of Uighur internment camps in China

What used to be rumours now seems to be confirmed following the publication of confidential documents concerning internment centres in China. Indeed, the country has a network of secret centres where not less than one million people belonging to the Muslim Uighur minority are detained. These "education and training centres" are described as oppressive and punitive in the documents obtained by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

These documents detail the functioning of the centres and the ideological guidance established for a clear purpose: indoctrination and brainwashing until the confession and repentance obtained, even if it means the use of torture.
First denied by the Chinese government, the establishment of these centres is now justified by the fight against terrorist attacks. The country had been affected by attacks in Xinjiang against Han Chinese, the majority ethnic group in China. The government still claims not to practice detentions but defends that it has the right to identify individuals showing signs of Islamic radicalisation, in order to subject them to a " transformation through education ".

This mass internment, however, is an undeniable violation of human rights. Throughout the world, thousands of members of the Uighur community denounce the missing of their loved ones. On the big data platform indicating to the authorities which individuals to target, the arrestation criteria used are extremely vague. The document revealed shows that the instructions are used to sort (prison or forced labour), subdue and intimidate the "suspects". Many witnesses report acts of rape and torture.
In an ultra-nationalist and almost totalitarian context, some policies serve a barely hidden objective of forced assimilation, such as sending one million Han Chinese executives to sponsor Uighur families.

Do you think the Chinese government is flouting the identity of this minority ethnic group?

Should foreign governments intervene?

Let us know in the comments.

Influence your world,

Toluna Team


  13 months ago
China is going too far, regarding its minorities.


  13 months ago


  13 months ago
Yes, they are.

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